Join the 50th Brigade:

Cuba is the only country on earth that US citizens can’t travel to freely. In the 50 year tradition of the Venceremos Brigade, this July (2019), we will travel to Cuba to practice solidarity with the Cuban People and their struggles, many of which are due U.S. policy. We do this through voluntary labor, donations of material aid, relationships building and dialogue between our peoples. We have much to learn from each other about building a more just and equitable world. During the 50th brigade, more Americans than ever will have the opportunity to travel to Cuba within these values.

APPLY NOW to Participate in the 50th Anniversary Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade!

We invite you to join the brigade in ethical travel to Cuba this summer, as part of an intentional community of revolutionary practice, to celebrate a half-century of international solidarity and struggle, to see Cuba with your own eyes, to transform your perspective and our movement work!

In the 50-year history of the VB, we have never requested a license from the US government to travel to Cuba. We maintain our commitment to civil disobedience and declare that 300 people will join us in our largest travel challenge ever! If you are willing and able, please help us meet our goal by applying for the UNLICENSED trip.  For those who are systemically prevented from participating in civil disobedience, 30 spots are being held for a LICENSED trip. Together we will celebrate this historic moment!