The 51st VENCEREMOS BRIGADE will travel to Cuba in 2021!

Support the movement to end the U.S.-imposed economic blockade and travel ban.

Cuba is the only country on earth that US citizens can’t travel to freely. Following the 50-year tradition of the Venceremos Brigade, in July, 2019, we traveled to Cuba to practice solidarity with the Cuban People and their struggles, many of which are due U.S. policy. We do this through voluntary labor, donations of material aid, relationships building and dialogue between our peoples. We have much to learn from each other about building a more just and equitable world. During the 50th brigade, 164 U.S. Americans had the opportunity to travel to Cuba within these values.

READ ABOUT CUBA AND THE CURRENT HEALTH CRISIS. What Cuba Has to Teach in Pandemic Times and Beyond by Diana Block

Plans for the next brigade, including the dates, cost, and itinerary are still being finalized. The application for the 51st contingent of the brigade will be available here soon.

Read the stories of the trip written by the brigade members who were there!

Venceremos Brigade – 50 years of Solidarity by Cheryl Labash

African Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution by Onyesonwu Chatoyer

Celebrating 50 Years of Venceremos Brigade solidarity with the Cuban Revolution by Stansfield Smith

Cuba, Reforestation and the Climate Crisis by Stephanie Hedgecoke

The Venceremos Brigade at 50 – Challenging Empire, Uplifting Solidarity since 1969 by Diana Block

Cuba, Que Linda es Cuba by Michael Novick

Learn more about the Venceremos Brigade and become part of an intentional community of revolutionary practice, see Cuba with your own eyes and act in international solidarity and struggle.