Some reasons why I traveled to Cuba – A Brigadista’s Retrospective (VB 43)

1.) I oppose and fully disagree with the Travel ban the United States has against Cuba

– I believe that people have the freedom to pursue travel to any place on this earth and should not be restricted, limited nor hindered by forces outside their own connections. Especially not by the government in which they live.

2.) I oppose and fully disagree with the Economic Blockade that the United States has against Cuba

– I believe the particular blockade that the United States holds against the Country of Cuba is a poor representation of how countries with an abundance of resources should behave in the international market. The blockade has unjust foundations and unreasonably blocks the progress of Cuba in a way that infringes on the rights due to any country that is independent, democratic and moving towards its goals and objectives which do not cause any threat to American life.

3.) I advocate, educate and organize of behalf of the Cuban 5 and and all other Political Prisoners

– The United States of America has a horrid record of slavery, policing, incarceration and clearly hosts a dysfunctional and problematic criminal justice system. Beyond the structural issues, there is a deep woundedness in a culture that has either been blinded or has not used its power to address practically the issues that are the root causes of this wound. The Cuban 5 and other political prisoners and their cases raise the inherent contradictions within this very real system of cause and consequence and would require a strong push from people of conscience to make a change.

4.) To listen, learn, hear, be heard and to participate in the world movements for social change and transition

– To put into practice what I believe, think and see in the hopes of making a way for myself and others. To give what I can to others and to receive from others. To recharge my beliefs and spiritual anchorings/groundings. Also, to understand what challenges and difficulties that Cuban’s are experiencing that make it a society of struggle as much as any other nation.

this is just a short list and I could add much, much more along the lines of culture, art, history, family, fun, new air to breathe, identity, thought and dream life but the points above are the most central and unified goals of the group that I traveled with and what we agree upon.

***staying internationally conscious and domestically aware.


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